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Dalam soal Ujian Nasional , soal listening merupakan salah satu komponen soal yang selalu ada dari tahun ke tahun. Soal listening biasanya menjadi “permasalahan” bagi para siswa. Hal itu dikarenakan beberapa faktor yaitu kurang jelasnya suara , bentuk atau pola soal yang muncul dan atau masalah yang paling utama adalah kurangnya latihan dalam mendengarkan baik itu percakapan atau dialog maupun teks dalam bahasa Inggris. Untuk poin yang pertama masih bisa disiasati karena hanya merupakan masalah teknis saja , namun untuk poin yang kedua dan ketiga , bisa disiasati dengan memperbanyak latihan bentuk soal listening. Sebelum masuk ke soal listening , alangkah baiknya mempelajari tips mengerjakan soal listening ( baca juga : Tips menjawab soal listening section UN SMK). Nah , pada pembelajaran hari ini , kami akan menyediakan pembelajaran dengan latihan listening dilengkapi dengan audio untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK. Soal latihan berikut ini kami kutip dari soal Ujian Nasional tahun 2015 yang lalu lengkap dengan audio dan transkrip listeningnya. Dan langsung saja , bagi adik- adik yang ingin berlatih dengan menggunakan soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK tahun 2015 berikut bentuk soal dan audionya. Adapun langkah- langkahnya adalah

  1. Dengarkan file audio
  2. Cocokkan soal dengan jawaban
  3. Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat.

*** Anda bisa membuka lewat  link dibawah ini lalu silahkan lanjutkan pada latihan soal dibawah.

Listening Section
In this section of the test , you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section with special directions for each part.

Part I. Pictures

Questions : 1 to 3.
Directions :
For each item , there is a picture in your test book and four short statements about it on the tape. They are spoken TWICE , and are not written out in your test book , so you must listen carefully. You must choose one statement — (A) , (B) , (C) , or (D) — that best describes the picture. Then , on your answer sheet , mark your choice.
Example :

A. The baby strollers are on sale.
B. The basket needs to be refilled.
C. The shopping carts are stuck together.
D. The trolleys are being rented.

Choice (C) “The shopping carts are stuck together.” — best describes What is seen in the picture. Therefore , you should mark (C) on your answer sheet.
Let’s begin with question number one.
1.Picture no. 1

2. Picture no.2

3. Picture no. 3

Part II. Question — Responses
Questions : 4 to 7.
Directions :
In this part of the test , you will hear several questions spoken in English , followed by three responses , also spoken in English. The questions and responses will be spoken TWICE. They will not be printed in your test book , so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. You have to choose the best response to each question.
Now listen to a sample question:
You will hear      : 
Woman : Shouldn’t We check in with the receptionist?
You will also hear : 
Man   :
(A) I didn’t bring my cheque book. Sample answer
(B) Yes , we should check it out. O O Q
(C) Yes , I suppose so. A B C
Choice (C) — “Yes , I suppose so” — is the best response to the question. ” Shouldn’t we check in with the receptionist?” Therefore , you should mark (C) on your answer sheet.

4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
5. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
6. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

Part III Short Conversations
Questions : 8 to 11.
Directions :
In this section of the test , you will hear several short conversations. You will hear the conversations TWICE. The conversations will not be printed in your test book , so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.In your test book , you will read a question about each conversation. The question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question , and mark it on your answer sheet.
You will hear :
Woman : Do you mind if I use your computer?
Man : No. Please shut it down after you finish.
Woman : I will. Thank you.

You will read : What will the man do?
A. Finish his work.
B. Lend his computer.
C. Borrow the computer.
D. Shut down the laptop.

Choice (B) “Lend his computer.” — is the best answer to the question , “What will the man do?”
Therefore , you should mark (B) on your answer sheet.
8. What does the woman’s supervisor do?
A. Help her every time.
B. Keep the man working.
C. Make her busy.
D. Pay her 2 times a month.
9. What does the woman do?
A. Reserve a suite room.
B. Need a reservation code.
C. Arrive at night.
D. Check in at the hotel.
10. What does the woman want?
A. Keep the printer for 2 hours.
B. Put the printer on the man’s desk.
C. Lend her printer.
D. Borrow the printer.
11. Why does the man need more paper?
A. The paper supply is running out.
B. The woman doesn’t supply much paper.
C. The man did not order the right number.
D. The divisions used enough paper.
Part IV. Short Talks
Questions : 12 to 15.
Directions :
In this part of the test , you will hear several short talks. Each will be spoken TWICE. They will
not be printed in your test book , so you must listen carefully to understand and remember what is
In your test book , you will read two or more questions about each short talk. Each question will
be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on
your answer sheet.

Questions 12 and 13 refer to on the following instruction.
12. What are the conditions to park bicycles for a resident?
A. Add more locks.
B. Park only one bicycle.
C. Lock the motorbike well.
D. Use only authorized motorized bicycle.
13. Who should be responsible if there is any damage or other loss while parking the bicycles?
A. All the residents.
B. The dormitory manager.
C. The University staff.
D. The owner of the bicycle.
Questions 14 and 15 are based on the following announcement.
14. What goods are sold in the Bazaar?
A. Handbags.
B. Baby accessories.
C. Summer clothes.
D. Kitchen appliances.
l5. What activity is the school organizing?
A. Help parents design clothes.
B. Invite customers to buy products.
C. Hold an Annual Holiday Bazaar.
D. Gather parents for a meeting.

This is the end of the listening section

Listening Script
Dan untuk mencocokkan soal berikut adalah Listening Script dari Soal Diatas.
Listening Script UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2015
Question Number 1.
A. the fisherman is catching some lobsters at the beach
B. The young boy is fishing in the lake.
C. The father is watching his son playing
D. There are many people around the pond.
Question Number 2.
A. The book is on the floor.
B. The mirror is between the lamps.
C. The TV is above the chair.
D. The table is next to the cups.
Question Number 3.
A. They are wearing casual clothes
B. The girls has wavy hair
C. They look so sad
D. The girls are slim.
Question Number 4.
Man : How about some sushi for lunch?
Woman :
A. I don’t think you’d come.
B. I haven’t got my lunch yet.
C. That’s sound like a good idea.
Question Number 5.
What did you think of the movie last night?
A. I find it extremely doubt.
B. I just moved here last night.
C. Let’s go to the 9.30 show.
Question Number 6.
Shall I put this file on your desk?
A. I’ll take it now.
B. It’s probably on my desk
C. It’s on the shelf.
Question Number 7.
Excuse me , where can I catch the bus going uptown?
A. At the 25th street station
B. I’ll catch up with you later.
C. We don’t go to the town.
Question Number 8.
Man : How was your new job?
Woman : Great , except one thing. I only get paid once a month and my supervisor keeps me busy all the time.
Man : That’s no good. I get my paycheck every two weeks and my manager likes to help me out every time.
Question Number 9.
Woman : I would like to make  a hotel reservation , suit room please.
Man   : All right , How long will you be staying for/
Woman : I need the room for three nights.
Man   : we have booked the room for you. Please be sure to arrive before 4 p.m on your check in date.
Question Number 10.
Woman : Are these yours?
Man   : NO , those are Andrew’s. He lent me the stuff to make my job easier. He let me keep it.
woman : Can you lend me this one? I really need it to print my papers.
Man   : Sure , but only two hours. Just put it back on my desk.
Question Number 11.
Man : I think we need more papers to print these reports.
Woman : Talk to the supply staff and order enough paper for all of us.
Man : Yes , but some division apparently use more than they should.
Question Number 12. and 13
The resident of Venesia University may use the bicycle parking space by following the rules specific below.
1. Each resident may park one bicycle.
2. a resident who uses the bicycle parking space should affix the special sticker of a dormitory on his or her bicycle.
3. A resident shall always park his or her bicycle , locked it , and take sufficient care against theft.
4. No car , motorbike or motorize bicycle are allowed in the bicycle parking space.
The dormitory manager shall not be responsible or liable for theft , damage or other loss of bicycle.
Question Number 14 and 15
Dear Parents ,
Jupiter First Pre-School presents the 5th annual holiday boutique bazaar. It’s on Saturday , October 18 , 2014 from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Meet us at Indian Park way Jupiter Florida. Please join us and bringing your friends for a  farm day of shopping for designer accessories , handbags , clothing , home decor , baby gifts , jewelry and so much more.
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