Download Squirrel Post Scraper Pro 3.1


  • Name : Squirrel Post Scraper Pro
  • Version : 3.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Tools

Do you feel overwhelmed when you consider the work and resources involved in updating your pages with fresh content ? You can maximise the use of your time now by using a viable, effective and efficient option. Mr. Squirrel is here to do the job for you.
Support all post types: Video, Photo, Album, GIF, Status and Link post.
Advanced Filters provides many features for post filtering.
Run on complete autopilot.





  • Scrape Posts from Multiple Pages : Scrape Posts from Unlimited Number of Pages. Regularly Scrape newly published posts.
  • Publish Posts on Multiple pages : It dose not matter how many pages you manage, Mr. Squirrel will keep them all updated with fresh content.
  • Advanced Delay Control : The Advanced Delay Control allows you to set a Delay for Scraping new posts and for post Publishing.
  • Scrape Different Types of Posts : Mr. Squirrel can scrape all types of posts: Status, Photos, Albums, Images, Video, Links.
  • Detailed Statistics : Keep track of what, when and where a post is published. Keep track of the various actions that take place within the Squirrel Post Scraper Software.
  • Advanced Filters : The Advanced Filter provides many features for post filtering. Filtered posts will not be published on your pages.
  • Scrape Multiple Pages
  • Publish On Multiple Pages
  • Scrape Photo
  • Scrape Album
  • Scrape GIF
  • Scrape Video
  • Scrape Link
  • Scrape Status
  • Advanced Delay Control
  • Set Limits
  • Filter Links
  • Filter Emojis
  • Filter Hashtag
  • Append Text to Post
  • Remove Post description
  • Filter Post description
  • Remove Photo Metadata


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