Download Facebook Groups Auto Poster

Facebook Groups Auto Poster

  • Name : Facebook Groups Auto Poster
  • Version :
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Bot
Auto Poster to unlimited groups. Auto unlimited groups joiner.
Facebook groups auto poster is a verified application that offer AUTO POST to unlimited groups in just one click and offer ability to unlimited groups JOINER.




  • Post images, links, videos and status to Unlimited groups in just one click.
  • Join unlimited groups
  • Create groups categories.
  • Save your posts.
  • Link your post to verified ID.
  • litle price for lifetime.
  • Groups auto joiner
  • Post unlimited groups in lifetime.
  • 1. Explorer engine devloped depended on “Gecko” 45 libreries. (Since V.1.5.X).
  • 2. Status/Links/Image/Videos Post is active. (Since V.1.5.X).
  • 3. More realiability in Save posts operation. (Since V.1.5.X).
  • 4. All dialogs coded & fixed. (Since V.1.6.X).
  • 5. HotKey CTRL+1 to quick start. (Since V.1.6.X).
  • 6. Building Completly in .NET Framework 4.0. (Since V.1.6.X).
  • 7. Devloping application start form. (Since V.1.7.X).
  • 8. Connecting speed X2 devloped. (Since V.1.7.X).
  • 9. Three servers addad to our network, so the problem of connection resolved. (Since V.1.7.X).
  • 10. WindowsForms.dll added to improve User Interface accessibility & speed. (Since V.1.8.X).
  • 11. Silent advert mode for free trial devloped. (Since V.1.9.X).
  • 12. Rebuild smart posting engin with new user interface. (Since V.2.3.X).
  • 13. Facebook groups auto joiner full features upgraded. (Since V.2.3.X).
  • 14. Creative selling post manager developed. (Since V.2.4.X)
  • 15. Update & activate bugs fixed so the update is required. (Since V.2.4.X)
  • 16. Auto post to our server also activated with your Facebook name. (Since V.2.4.X).
  • 17. Professional groups manager devloped with “Add to exisiting list” and “Save selected” and “Check / Uncheck / Reverse” options, with old “Save list” and “Remove items” options. (Since V.2.5.X).
  • 18. Advanced groups manager filter and searcher added to increase flexibility of product. (Since V.2.5.X).
  • 19. Advanced groups commands added to make the post reliable. (Since V.2.5.X).

Facebook Groups Auto Poster


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